Auto Lineart (Outline)


does anybody know if there is a way to generate an outline (line art) on the edges created by a cutter? (see attached image)

I’m thinking about something like an inversed auto patch effect but closing outlines on the result of the cutter effect.

Many thanks in advance,



Does anyone have an idea?

This is a very old thread, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to answer it for someone else.

The only thing I can think of is using a second drawing with a black line and color fill on the Color layer, and use that Color Layer to cut the main drawing. The black line from the Cutter drawing would appear to close the shape while the Color Layer would effectively mask out that chunk that you’re cutting out of the circle.

So in your example, you would use (in the Network/Node View):

  • a Color Art module from the Cutter drawing to cut the circle
  • a Line Art module for the Cutter drawing, which is inversely cut by the circle’s Cutter
  • The inverse cutter needs to be plugged into the main Composite to the left/in front of the circle cutter in order to show up

You can create a simple shape for your cutter drawing, say a triangle or square, and put an envelope deformer around it. Then it will essentially work like a mask in After Effects, and is totally animatable.

Anyone else have a more efficient idea?

3 days?

In videos and in the User Guide Toon Boom has manually reworked line art to perfect the results of the cutter.

Thank you, this absolutely works.
The Line Art modul of the cutting drawing on top which is cut by the main drawing. Perfect!

Yeah, we’re living in a fast moving time. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I think it would be great if there was an independant “Auto Outline” effect module creating a resulting unique proper pencil line with soft line width variation and texture.