Auto-key Camera in Drawing Workspace / Camera View?

New to SBP20. All I need is for the camera to update camera position in the Drawing workspace (Camera View) per panel. The idea being that when I move the camera on a panel, the program understands that’s where I want it without needing a second step of adding a keyframe. Moving camera IS setting the keyframe.

I see that I can ‘add keyframe to beginning of panel’ each time I adjust a camera but that sounds redundant & tedious for my needs, so I’d hoped to remove that step. Is there a way to simply have the camera automatically update to wherever it’s placed in camera view for that panel?

I also see a lot of information on using the timeline workspace for camera moves, but that’s far too much detail for my needs. I’m not going to be making animatics at all. Feature editors consistently ask specifically not to get animatics from story as it encroaches on their turf. If there’s a way to do this in the drawing workspace so I can just stick to the boards and still take advantage of the camera tool, I’d really appreciate it.

I want the same function too!

I’m new to SB 20 as well, and. What I find is there is no function like that.

You have to manually click on the add camera key frame button (either on the timeline or in the Tool proprties.)

There is no shortcut to add Camera Keyframe , so i you have to pressed the keyframe button.

Maybe there is a work around if you add shortcut for Add camera Keufram for First and Last Frame. Then use Shortcut First Frame , Last Frame to jump between those two keyframes

Other than that, if you want to add Camera key frame in the middle . You just have to do it the manually. (At least is what I am doing now)

I hope I’m wrong tho