Auto hold when drawing

In Animate Pro 2 when you are drawing animation frame by frame, if you skip ahead in the timeline and start drawing again, a “hold” of the previous drawing is automatically inserted.

For example, if you are animating a secondary detail like sweat beads overtop of a character, which appear and disappear as the character exerts themself, each time you jump ahead to the next appearance of the sweat beads it will automatically hold the previous drawing, instead of leaving the inbetween cells blank. So, you will always have to go back and delete the frames.

It would be extremely useful if there was a way to turn this off!

Thank Lily!
So in the shortcut keys menu, under what section would I be able to set the key for “Create Empty Drawing?” … I cant seem to find it anywhere.

If you want to prevent this, show your Timeline toolbar (Windows > Toolbars > Timeline). The first button on there is Create Empty Drawing. If you go to the new frame, then hit Create Empty Drawing instead of just starting to draw, then it won’t extend the exposure of the previous drawing.


It is in the “General” section. 8)