Audio trouble

I have seen this has been a problem with other accounts on here where imported audio has a flat wavelength and the fix was usually installing QuickTime player. I have however installed QuickTime and reinstalled the program but have still ran into the same problems. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Do you have the sound icon in the Playback toolbar depressed? You won’t get any audio unless it is highlighted with the black box.


Make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime installed. And if your computer is coming off sleep or hibernation, a fresh restart couldn’t hurt.

Hope this helps.

I had a friend with the same problem happen. The first time he installed quick time it wasn’t the right version or something to that effect. So he reinstalled quick time again and also had him restart his PC. Try that if you have not yet?

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Still nothing. Do you literally just download QuickTime player and then open up toon boom and the audio should be fixed? Please I only have 11 days left on my trial and I want to know if this will be worth purchasing. If there is anything else I am missing please tell me.

10 days. Please can anyone help me???