audio track sync doesn't adjust with image track changes

I work in a studio environments where I am not always in charge of setting up the files, so every once in awhile I receive a file with the following audio track problem:

When I adjust the timing on a panel or when I insert a new panel or delete a panel, the audio tracks do not adjust to reflect that change - which throws the sync off for everything from that point on down the timeline. Typically, the audio tracks will automatically adjust to reflect the changes that I make in the image panel timeline. The audio tracks are all unlocked, so that is not the problem, and I have checked through the software preferences and the menus to try to find a setting that might be different than normal, but I am unable to find the source of my problem.

Is there a setting that governs whether or not the audio tracks will adjust to reflect adjustments made in the image timeline?

You need to have the lock icon enabled on the audio track for this to happen. It also helps to have cuts in the audio track that match the scene borders.