Audio & TBS

Would I be able to use one computer for audio files (music, dialogue, etc.), and TBS projects, or would I do better to have a separate computer for each? Once I actually purchase TB Studio and TB Storyboard, I’ll be creating various short pieces, from videos for some of my original surf instrumentals to wild ideas that I really need to explore. Thankfully I have a fairly long memory, enhanced by notes to self scattered around the house, so eventually I’ll be able to start working toward bringing my ideas to reality.



You do not really need to get 2 different computers to run a sound editing software and Toon Boom Studio. You should be able to easily do all that on one single machine. If you are worried about performances you can always run them one at the time (not both in the same time).



Thanks for the help, Ugo. With the system I’m planning to build, TBS/TBSB will be quite happy, as well as some of the audio software I’m planning to use. :slight_smile: