audio shows up as a straight line and has no sound when imported

Help! I am trying to import sound into my copy of ToonBoom Harmony Essentials, but it is not working. I check all of my sound files and make sure that they are .mp3s, but they always come in as a straight line with no sound.

Have you tried uninstalling
then reboot
re-install Quicktime (7.7.6 or 7.7.7 on Windows 10)
reboot again.

Rename the audio file and try to import it again.

Here’s a thread with this issue already addressed:

this hasnt helped, im sorry. ive tried everything i could, and its not working

Would you consider uploading a sound for us to try and import into our versions of Harmony to see if we have any issues?
When you double click on the blue music note on the sound in the timeline does the Sound Element Editor window open? If it does, can you hear the sound when you press play?