"Audio playback will be disabled" - notification that turns off scrubbing and audio playback whenever I try to Play Forward

I dont know whats going on. Im halfway through the rough drawings/storyboard on a commissioned animated music video and took a week off. When I got back and turned on audio playback and scrubbing and pressed Play Forward to see how everything is working, I get a notification that “Audio playback will be disabled” and the program turns off scrubbing and audio playback.

this is really frustrating since I need to line up the audio with the drawings. Its a snappy music video. Ive had to use a different program to see what frame has what sound, its like using a timecard but worse - and I dont have time to make a timecard for a 3 minute video

I can find NOTHING about this issue online, can anyone please help me? Come monday I want to be working at full speed again

i have reset the computer, the program, and tried other projects with and without imported sound. Same thing.

Scrubbing doesnt work at all even if its on

I use harmony essentials on a windows 10 PC

Anyone? Nothing back from support yet, the discord and reddit both cannot help me

I had the exact same issue and found this when looking for a solution. I got it working again by going into my computer settings under sound. Then scrolled down to “advanced sound” options and clicked “App volume and device preferences”. It brings up different volumes but at the bottom it says “reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults” and you click the reset button. Then I opened up Harmony and it worked again. Not sure if it will work for everyone, I have Harmony Premium on windows 10 PC. Hope this helps!