Audio Playback problem


Today I’ve bought Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 and I’ve done some tests in order to see its functionality (I’m a producer and, together with our Director, we want to use the software to add the dialogue cuts, adjust the episodes timing, and then make the animatic).

We have imported the audio cuts in .WAV succesfully, but the problem is that it’s impossible to hear any sound in the playback.

We’ve tried with another kind of audio file, such MP3 and it happens the same, imported successfully but no playback.

In a closer look to the timeline, with the audio wave option enabled, seems that the audio files has no waves…

Do you know which could the problem be?

Many Thanks in advance

Is Sound icon is on from Tool Bar menu? Check again to make sure the sound button is active
Are you trying to scrub the sound? If you are scrubbing the sound, this sound scrubbing option has to be on.
The wave form by default in Storyboard Pro 4 is turned off that you have to enable it.
Scrubbing option and show wave form option can be turned on/off from Time Line by right clicking it or from Sound menu on top however you have to turn on the sound icon in Tool bar menu separately if you want to hear the sound when you playback. One easy way to check if the sound works is to export one scene to movie and hear it from there.
By the way, this it Toon Boom Studio forum :slight_smile: