Audio Playback issues

Audio syncs fine while scrubbing, but eventually lags by approx a second during playback.
Restarting SBP and reopening the file fixes it, but the issue reappears within an hour or two.
Exported a mono wav. version of my audio track to replace the original stereo but the issue persists.
Anyone have a fix for this or is this a bug in the latest release?

Update to Storyboard Pro 22.0.1, it has this fix.

  • [Windows] Playback can get stuck when Loop and Sound are enabled. HAR-8808

Thanks. Should have mentioned I’m on a Mac, but an update is always welcome.

Installed it this morning and it crashed within the hour. Off to a flying start.

Experiencing this issue, not sure how to even look at what version on Toon Boom Harmony I have installed. Wish this software just had a “Check for updates” under the help tab.

From the top/main menu under Help then About you will find the version/build.