Audio out of sync when timeline scrubbing


I’m making an animation that is very reliant on being in time with the music. However, when scrub on the timeline, the music is nowhere near in sync with the visuals it shows on the audio track, and the music ends almost 1,000 frames before the audio track shows that it ends.
I’ve tried importing it both as MP3 and WAV, but it makes not difference.
My project is at 24fps.
I didn’t start having this issue until I got a new PC and had to reinstall Studio.
I’ve attacthed images in order to illustrate what I mean, in case I didn’t explain it well.

Thanks for any help!

Hi DragonessAnimations,
Please contact our support department at, they are the team best equipped to help you solve whatever issue you are encountering.
Thanks and good luck!

Hi there, did support provide some kind of solution? I’m running into the same issue here and trying to wrap my head around what’s happening here.