Audio out of Sync progressively when export


(I’ll try to explain myself the best I can, as English is not my mother language)

I just bought Storyboard pro and I’m loving it so far, I’m using it to do storyboards for animation,its important that the character’s actions match the audio track. The thing is, when I play it in the timeline its Sync, but when I export it, the audio and the image wont sync after 40 seconds, progressively. At first the sync its perfect, but then the audio and the image wont fit.

I checked the FPS and is 24, on the storyboard preferences (default) I don’t recall touching any of the FPS, and I tried to render in half, the same happens.

What can I do to solve the problem??? I’m in a middle of a deadline.
As much as I find people who has the same problem, I cant find a way to fix it.

I hope I can learn more about it!


I’m having the same syncing problem. Have you resolved it?


Send the question direct to toonboom

This will often give you a faster and better answer.

/ Mattias

I did right away. So far they advised to try and export to MOV instead of WMV, but I don’t even have the MOV option. So I tried SWF, but that format doesn’t place the black frame around video, and at some point a panel froze, while audio move on. It’s not that I have any use for SWF anyway. Sigh. I want WMV to work.

Hey there!!! I downloaded Quicktime and now I have the option to export in .MOV!! I haven’t tested yet how sync is the sound when export in that format, I’ll let you know when I do! Thanks! this chat helped me to find a way out!

UPDATE!: It’s on sync! Thanks for everything! The problem really was on exporting on WMP!

I’m glad our community helped you find an answer!