audio out of sync on import

Hi all -

i export a job out to a swf, then import it into a new project in order to apply effects I do not want the original camera pans and movements to affect. The sound effects audio comes in fine, but the music track (800 frames) is missing frames in the middle (exposure sheet indicated it was there, but the sound editor indicated it was missing). I have tried copying the missing frames back in from the original project, but still it won’t play that part (exposure sheet ok,editor, missing). I have tried to import the music track as a new sound element but it is out of sync. what music track played at frame 200 of the original, now plays at frame 1100 in the new project. I have tried exporting the music track out to a swf (figuring it was compressed during the conversion to swf), and import that in into a new scene, then copy it over the element with the missing frames, but it still didn’t play (exposure sheet ok,editor, missing). I tried copying it into a new sound element and it is out of sync… not sure what could be causing this… any suggestions would be appreciated … thanks, dan

I’m having similar problems. The last second or so of audio is always cut off.

When importing a video in tb (to draw on top of it) I’ve noticed there’s a chunk of audio missing but the video element is fine and finishes.