Audio out of sync after export

Hi guys, I’ve completed my first project using Animate 2 and when I export the audio is suddenly out of sync. Starts fine and then by the end of the 1:40 scene the audio is running about four seconds ahead of the video. This is happening in every possible export format. Any idea what’s going wrong?

I’ve had a look at some similar topics on here and I’m not finding anything quite on point.

What format are you talking about?
QuickTime? Flash? Flv?
What resolution is the output movie? Could it be that the player can’t display the images fast enough because it runs out of memory? If you try an output at smaller resolution does it change something?
What sound format was your original? Mp3, wave?

Hi guys,
I had the same problem with Storyboard pro.
You need to install Quicktime on your computer and choosing QuickTime as movie format when you export it.
I solved the problem in this way.

I hope this answer could help someone even if the post is old.

Legend, thanks for helping me 4 years later