audio not syncing with animation in export for quicktime movie

Hey everyone,

When I export a quicktime movie from my project, I notice that ALL of the lip sync is OFF with the audio, when it was perfect in the project file. The Flash seems to export correctly too, it just seems to be when I export to a .mov file.

I am working with 30 fps and I made sure that the export move settings are set to 30 fps, every keyframe, in “Animation” setting. When the movie exports to a .mov file, it almost seems like its really animating at 24 fps eventhough I clearly exported at 30. This is extremely frustrating and I have tried everything I could think of. Is anyone else having this problem??

Thanks for any advice!

Can you verify for me that the scene settings in the project are set to 30 fps? Go to Scene > Scene Settings… and check the FPS next to Frames Per Second. When you export, this value is the one that determines the FPS, NOT the FPS in the Quicktime export dialog.If this is correct and you still get the problem, then what kind of audio files are you working with in your scene (file extension)?~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi Lily,I made sure the settings under Scene were set to 30fps, but they were indeed set to 24! I changed it, exported the movie, and it appears as though it IS working!! Thank you so much! Although I must say it is a tad easy to get confused by this in the program, since the FPS display up on the tool bar in the time line can be changed, I thought this was the place to do it, and not under scene settings. Thanks again!

Yes the reason that we have it that way is that sometimes you might just want to temporarily change the FPS to test something out - so that’s the FPS for Playback (in the Playback toolbar). Usually people don’t want to change the actual FPS of their project once it’s set, but they may want to change the FPS during playback to slow it down to check the animation.Hope this helps.~LillyToon Boom Support

Ahhh Ok I understand now. Thanks, yes it does help!