Audio Not Playing

I just downloaded toomboom a month or so ago and I’m having issues with the audio when I try to import it. It doesn’t give me an error message, it just shows a flat line instead of waves and doesn’t play any sound. I’ve tried it with .mp3s, .aiffs, and .wavs and it does the same thing. When I play it outside of toomboom it works just fine.

I have Toon Boom Harmony Stage Essentials Version 12.1.1 (10534) (2015-07-30 21:18:12) if that’s helpful.


Thanks for the help

Hi Lepord257,
What’s your system and quicktime version on your computer ?
If it’s Windows 10 and quicktime 7.7.8, there are a known issue which is the latest quick time doesn’t compatible with Windows 10.
So you should use an older version of quicktime 7.7.6 which you could download here:

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit. I didn’t have quicktime installed at all. I installed the thing and it’s not a flat line anymore but the sound doesn’t play unless you go into the layer properties thing. I tried exporting it as a movie, and the sound exported (and played!) … but without the animation. Then I figured out I needed to click the speaker icon next to the play button, and I got sound in the app! Thanks for the help.