I need to know, What quality of audio and type of file do i need to use to use auto lip sync.

Hi bladehero!

Any of the currently supported sound file format (mp3, wav and aiff) are compatible with auto lipsync.

It is however recommended that you have one file per character speaking (the auto lipsync will only try to analyse the sound file and map it on one character). For multiple characters, use multiple files.

Also, try and keep your sound file as clean as possible. Any background noise will be interpreted by the auto lipsync as well.

For more info about auto lip-sync, check out the link below!

does audicity work well with toonboom harmony 14, and what quality of sound should i use? ( HZ-wise)

As long as the final file format is compatible with Harmony (mp3, wav and aiff) as described earlier in this thread you can use any software to edit the audio track.

Jon Taylor uses Audacity but he works with a lower grade file in Harmony then swaps it out for a higher fidelity file marrying it to the Harmony export with video editing software to end up with the best quality.

“I record all of my voices and sound effects in Audacity. I then edit the voice track in Final Cut Pro and export as .aiff. I import that into Harmony and animate to it. I then export each scene into FCP and sync the files with the master audio edit and use the original audio edit not the sound imported from Harmony.”

Very nice!

Great tips and helpful reminders in there.