Audio Length

I’m working on an animated music video, but when importing audio everything goes wrong! I wanted to put the audio in the background behind all of the scenes, but that doesn’t seem to be possible. Instead I tried to cut the original audio to the appropriate length for each scene, but when I import it it cuts to only a second or two. In “edit audio” it says that each piece is only about 40 frames and when I play it here the whole clip plays, but as soon as this is added to the animation it cuts down to only a few seconds. I changed it to have about 100 to 160 frames each, and the whole clip played with some extra room at the end, but it takes a lot of tinkering and that’s super inefficient and inaccurate since I still have that extra space at the end! That worked for a few scenes, but now it won’t even let me alter the end frame and I just don’t know how to fix it! I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue with the audio, the frames just don’t line up and with 12 scenes it will take me several more hours just to get the music in. I haven’t found anyone else with this issue, but if any of you have a solution that would be great! Thank you!

You may be facing a memory limit. Keep in mind that Animate
is a 32-bit program and as such can only access up to 1.6GB
of the system’s RAM.

Try importing the audio clip into a blank project instead.
If you think there is something different going on then contact
support to have a look at the project on your system.