Audio issue

I posted in the wrong Forum, go figure… sigh

Has anyone else had this issue?
I am using Animate looks like build, 7.6.0

I import sounds, save it, come back to it, get my lipsyncing done for the scene… fine. Save project…

I export the clip. Decide later I need to tweak something. and ALL audio files in the clip are flat - blank. (still work in all other audio software)
I try to import other or re-import the same clips… and they come up flat line and blank.

After some clicking around, I think I resolved my own issue. To get sound files where I wanted them, I was selecting, dragging and dropping them in the timeline.
It does play them this way, but I had to open up the sound editor, and physically move the selected sound to the frame I wanted it to play on. Drag and drop in the timeline, doesn’t work like I thought it did.
So next time I was loading my sound files, the sound selection was way down to like frame 600 or wherever I had last used it. Make the begining of my sound clip… null or a no-play.