Audio is not working


So, I am working in Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 in Windows 7 and when I import sound (mp.3) it shows as a flat waveform. When I open the audio file outside of Toon Boom, it works fine. Is this a system issue?

Thank you

Rather than converting an .mp3 to .wav it would be better to export as .wav from the native file, if there is one, so you are not dragging the degradation of lossy compression along without any benefit.

I just did that. Still nothing,

thank you for your help!

If it is just this one file it could be something about this particular flavor of .mp3 that is not compatible with TB. Converting it to something after it was an .mp3 would not remove the effects. Have you ever successfully imported any sound file into TBA and had it appear as expected?

As far as I know, Toon Boom relies on QuickTime for Sound Playback.
Does your Sound-File play in QuickTime outside of Animate ?
If yes, reinstall QuickTime, reset your Preferences in Animate, restart your system.

Not sure about that ?

Convert MP3 to WAV and import again.