Audio Import

Hello, I’m having problems with importing audio to my toon boom project. I have a 48kHz .wav audio track, and a 48kHz .wav click track. Both are at 125 bpm (so 12 beats per frame for 25fps animation), and both are the same length as the project, 11 seconds and 14 frames. I have verified using audacity that the beats of the click track fall every 12 frames, and verified the length of the tracks, but when I import either track into my project, they end up shorter than the full timeline, by about 8%. Using the tempo markers, I’ve found that after import the beats fall every 11.5 frames, which corresponds to 120 bpm instead.

I previously thought that the issue was my composer was supplying me with 44.1kHz audio tracks, which end up about 8% shorter if you play them back at 48kHz, but I’ve now asked them for tracks at the right sample rate, and I’m still having the same problems.

What’s going on? why is harmony interpreting my audio tracks 8% faster than they actually are?

I noticed that 12 bpf is about 4% more than 11.5 bpf, which corresponds to my scene being set to 24 fps rather than 25. Some regular old user error got mixed up in the other problems I was having with sample rate.

thanks for the follow up / details! good sleuthing too!