Audio import

Hi, when I import an audio file, the wave form does not display in the timeline… this make it very difficult to sync the action. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

It worked! I added the Display Waveform button and zoomed the waveform…

Thanks! very much appreciated!

Do you see a straight black line across the frames of the Timeline after importing a sound file? If so, the audio may be too low at that stage of the file to produce a large blip on the waveform radar. You can zoom in to enlarge the waveform.

If not you can click on the Timeline window border across the top of the Timeline to customize the Timeline tools. There is a button for displaying the waveform. It is part of Animate’s default tools (I think) but it has to be added to Pro’s at least depending on what Workspace you choose. There are other ways to display the waveform but this is a no brainer if you are working on the sound.

Does your sound file have loud sounds at the very beginning?

If there is silence or it is very low volume for the very beginning you need to extend the exposure enough in the project so you can scrub over to get to the portion of the sound file that has enough audio to see the waves. Again you can use zoom to enlarge.

You can also try to update QuickTime player since it’s what Toon Boom’s softwares use to process the sound.