Audio Files not working

Hi i have an inquiry if anyone could help me. I have toon boom harmony premium for my mac and I’m trying to import sound but it wont play or come up with waveform its just a straight line. ive tried all different kinds of formats to no avail, i cant find any solutions on the internet.
I also tried to import the audio in as a video file but i cant import any video files! i select them but nothing more happens?
Im open to any suggestions thankyou

Harmony can import .wav, .aiff and .mp3 audio files.

What is the Sampling Rate and -Depth of your sound-file ?
Could be 48,000 Hz and 16 bit ?

Any chance you can post a download link of one of your non-working files ?

I am also having this issue, does someone have any solution for this? kindly share your views prepaidgiftbalance