Audio file flat line


When importing audio into a Harmony scene, it appears as a flat line with no sound. This is only happening on one specific machine; the scene with audio, opens and works fine on other machines. We are running educational versions of Harmony v10 standalone, with a server license.
I tried following the technical advice given to Tchelolaco for the post “Sound import problem” however I was unable to locate the files mentioned and have not been able to fix or solve the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks.

This could be due to almost anything. If you are working in the network version, go into the project’s audio folder to verify the file permissions. When importing, make sure that close any other application that might be claiming the audio card. Also make sure to close Quicktime first.

This may be overly simplistic but, did you right click at the header of the audio track and make sure the menu item for audio display is set to “waveform”? Once you set that, simply click away from the track and you should then see your waveform in all its glory!

This is probably late, but I have a step-by-step in the other sound thread as to how to fix the issue. Harmony no longer works with Linux with the ffmpeg.exe file and isn’t included in the newer models, so if you’re running any PC-based Windows stuff with older models, you need to download the latest ‘fix’, unzip it in your Downloads and put the file into your C:/Program Files (x86)/win64/bin directory. Wei provided a link to the latest download for Harmony 10. If you upgraded from another Toon Boom product, you might have to delete the old ffmpeg.exe file before you drop it in, but mine was a clean install.

After I did that, all the files I previously tried that were all flat-lining were now back to being all ‘seismic’ again. And giving tons of sound.

The latest fix is at the top of the list of the link Wei provided, and they’re all dated. Just grab the newest one at the top and download it to unzip, drop into bin, and close the windows.