Audio Element Assigned to Pegs

I was surprised to learn that an audio element can not be added as a child to a peg structure. While innocuous on the surface, this means that Library templates can’t have audio automatically assigned to them, the audio has to be pulled in separately.

It’s more a nuisance than a real problem. I was wondering why audio files must remain at the parent level and can’t become children?

Hi Will,

Actually to templates you can select multiple element from the left side of the timeline and drop them in the library. You don’t need to have everything under a specific peg to make a template out of it, you could have a template of many cut-out character not sharing a peg and drop them both in to make a single template. All you need to make sure of is that all the elements are selected before you start dragging.

Talked to the developers to see and it seem that the sounds needed to be on the first level to be working properly which is why they can’t be dropped in sub elements.



Aha, great to know. Now that I’ve learned my one thing for the day, I’m going back to bed.

Thank you!