Audio doesn't work

Hi, I am getting crazy with this issue:

I have made an animation, I have imported an audio file (just to make sure I have tried the following formats: wav, aiff and mp3) but in the xsheet I cannot see the wave, although I have both scrubbing and and playback enabled it doesn’t reproduce any sound when I play my movie. I have also tried to play the audio file by right clicking on the xsheet and it reproduces the audio correctly, if I make a quick preview I can hear the audio in the animation as well as if I export it in swf. If I try to export in any different formats I cannot even enable audio in the format preferences.
I have attached a demonstration video in order to be more clear.
Please give me some hints as I don’t really know what I am doing wrong.

Hi, please download and install Toon Boom Studio from your user account to make sure you have the most current build for your version:

Uninstall TBS from your machine prior, this will not affect your saved projects.
Please try your sound scrubbing again.


Hi Debbie and thanks for the support.
I have downloaded Studio, I have just a doubt on how I can uninstall it from my mac. Should I just drag its icon in the recycle bin and empty it?

Yes that would be right :slight_smile:

Yep, it works. Thanks!

I have posted a suggestion some weeks ago, I believe it would really be a key feature :wink: