Audio desync - very frustrated.

So, simply put; I’m trying to animate to some music. The track is 1 minute long. While the animation plays fine - and consistently - alongside the audio in-software, it massively desyncs at about 15 seconds when played as an exported file, no matter the format.

I have read previous topics on this sort of issue and tried various recommended solutions:

  • The animation is running at 24 fps, but I tried manually retiming it to 30fps just to see if it would help. It did not.
  • I have tried the file in both WAV and MP3. This seems to have no difference on the export, it still desyncs the same amount at the same time.
  • I have tried chopping the audio up into parts. This locks it back onto sync by making a massive, horrible skipping noise every time it switches between parts. This is not a usable solution.

Please tell me there’s some sort of way to fix this. I animate professionally and Flash hasn’t had issues like this since 2011. I prefer toon boom’s interface, but trying to fix this issue has blown hours of time I could have spent animating.

Start with a Wav format file.

For the movie export’s Streaming option, try it
using “Hinted Streaming”