Audio Deleting For Seemingly No Reason

I have an entire sequence with all of my audio perfectly timed. My audio is on three separate tracks and there are little bits and pieces of it everywhere. I went to remove a panel, wanting all the audio after that panel to automatically move up so it would stay in proper sync even after my unwanted panel was removed.

However, when I delete the panel, or even adjust the panels length, all of the audio on my chosen linked track is deleted. Before and after my modified panel.

Why is this happening and how can I make it stop? It only happens in this one project, not in any of my other projects. I’ve played around with every setting I can find and it still won’t work. Any suggestions?

At which exact point does the audio disappear?
Are you certain that you do not have the audio selected when this happens?

If you are stuck, contact support to have a look on your system.