audio crossing scenes

hi All -

I have a rather large animation that I had to break up into eleven different segments … I exported each out as a swf file … I now need to join them together into a single stream … went on the net to find a tool to do that and found nothing so far … I got a brainstorm to bring in each swf into one file by importing them into their own separate scene … so I was able to do this and it seemed to go from beginning to end as designed… the video runs from one scene to the other perfectly … what is happening is that while the audio is playing back scene2, I can hear in the background the audio from a later scene - and this goes on throughout the playback …not sure how to fix that … I guess my question is, when i import each swf into its own scene, do i have to place the cursor on the next frame after the one that has just been inputted… for example, swf1 goes from frame 1 to 500, to do scene2, do I have to highlight frame 501, then create scene2, then import the appropriate swf file? there are some 23,133 frames total from all the swf files…
or is there an easier way to get the swf files into a single stream? :slight_smile:
Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

To answer your question about the importing of swf when you create a new scene leave your content on the first frame of the second scene. Scenes are simply read one after the other so if you put your swf on frame 500 of the second scene you will end up with a gap of nothing in between frame 501-1000 of your final render.

Now concerning sound going from one scene to another what you could do to address this is to make sure that you have checked the streamed checkbox in the Sound editor of each sound. When a sound is streamed it is automatically linked to the frames so it will stop as soon as the frames are no longer present. When you do not check the streamed checkbox the sound will simply start at the proper frame and play until it ends. This may also result in a complete desynchronization since most of the time the sound will load faster then the image.

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Hi Ugo -

I feel like such an idiot … since I had been exporting these animations out a number of times, I naturally assumed that they were okay … I noticed that only a couple were causing the problem and sure enough, when I went in, there were extra sound elements in the two that gave the appearence of crossing over into the others - I deleted them and it worked like a charm … sorry for taking up your valuable time with something as silly as this :slight_smile: … I do appreciate your time … thanks, dan