Audio clips and stageview problems

I’m having a terribly difficult time doing a project. I keep having missing images and audio clips. The first project sometimes the thumbnails would appear in the timeline, but not in the stageview, or other times it wouldn’t show up in the thumbnails, layers or stageview. I decided to restart the project, but only to run into complications again. The video exported with no audio nor images, only white. I go back in the next day and my audio clips are completely gone and you can see the thumbnails and layers, but no images in the stageview. Even my professor was totally clueless! Hopefully someone has an idea of the issue before I rip my hair out (only half kidding haha)

Are you being consistent with your versions? If it was saved in a more recent version and then opened in an older one, you get blank frames.

I’ll have to double check, but i believe so. When I started a new project it was done so all in the lab at school. I appreciate you responding btw (:

Hi K8lynnt,

The behavior you report is consistent with the usage of different versions of the software, however, I have seen similar behavior when syncing projects using cloud services instead of saving to the hard drive in the machine.

When transferring a project from a machine to another is important that you .zip your project and unzip it like this you make sure you have all the data.

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