Audio Changes after export??

I imported a song element for an animation, broke it into different scenes, and animated along with each one. For one scene, the audio seems to “double” and sound different than when it is playing in TBS. This only seems to occur after export, and just for one scene.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps you imported the audio twice by accident? Expand all the element in the timeline and check. If you’re stuck contact support to have a look.

It’s true - I blundered and had the audio running for too long on one scene. Thanks for your suggestion.

But my audio troubles are not quite over. Perhaps someone could help with a slightly more severe audio problem:

I am importing a song that I’ve had to cut over the course of a number of scenes. The problem is that even when I am diligent about cutting and pasting so that each scene should pick up right where the last one left off, there are evident sound problems. The song skips between scenes or seems to repeat for a mili-second. I’ve re-pasted this song over the scenes repeatedly now and tried to make edits on the cells to adjust, but it just isn’t working. I’ve also made sure I don’t have silly over-lap like my prior mistake.

I am sure that people use a song over the course of multiple scenes and don’t have this problem - right?

I am just cutting at the cusp of the cell itself. Is there a better, assured way to do this so that the song can continue to stream from scene to scene without any hiccups?


I’m new to harmony and havnt tried this but other animation programs I never used music in the software I would do voice only in my scenes and I bring all my scenes in on Final Cut Pro time line and then add my music and render it out that way.

I agree with gso125, that was my thought as well. Maybe best to use Harmony for simple placeholder/reference audio, but assemble everything at the end in your editing program.

My other thought would be what audio file format are you using? I have seen in other programs dealing with compressed video and their internal ways the codec works, that because of keyframes within the file, it doesn’t always allow frame accurate placement.

So to test this theory, if you convert your file to an uncompressed audio file before bringing it into Harmony, does it act better? Be warned, I am only learning Harmony myself, so I’m just guessing based on my experience with other softwares.

I appreciate the feedback!

I’m using a mp3 file. I’ll need to learn about Harmony as well and not sure yet whether I can get an uncompressed version of the song… interesting…

Within the scene itself the lipsync (done manually in my case) and the other animation matches the tempo/song well, so I was inspired. Putting the scenes themselves together after export, however, does yield this problem.

Glad to hear that others have some idea what I’m up against. I’ll look into Harmony… I’m guessing it’s a more economic solution than getting Final Cut Pro…


I was assuming you were using Harmony already since this is the Harmony forum. But I see you were mentioning TBS. I wouldn’t say that Harmony replaces a video editing package like Final Cut. It’s takes a suite of tools to get the job done, and definitely best to use the right tool for the job, as you already know.

If you want to try your audio as an uncompressed format, you could use QuickTime Pro for simple things like that. It’s something like $30 from and is great for that sort of thing. You can open it, set in/out points and copy/paste chunks of your audio into a new file. I would try exporting is as an uncompressed wav or aif file. If it fixes it, then you’ll be in good shape. If not, then the next thing I’d try is to again use QuickTime Pro, but export each section of your audio as a separate file. Then see if they behave in TBS.

I also thought you were using Harmony. If your not already using the audio program Audacity, its great for audio and cutting out sound bites. Best of all Its free. I use fcp on my macs and on PC’s I use Adobe Premiere , Sony Vegas Pro 12 or Edius 6.5 for editing, but most any video editing program should work.

Boy, I don’t know how I screwed this up, but surely I mis-placed my post.

You guys are great for providing the feedback that you have. My apologies for the confusion. I was certainly aiming for a TBS post, and must have made some fork-in-the-road mistake.

Anyhow, I’ll take your advice to mind and thanks again!

Best of luck on your work -


Just to add to what BrianHoard mentioned… MP3 is a compressed audio format and is not the best format to use since it’s a compressed format. WAV and AIF(F) are better - they give more accurate results.

For importing audio it is also necessary to choose a codec that allows for frame-by-frame breakdown of the sound file. Some audio codecs are streaming- only and may not properly import into the software.

You know if you want a seamless workflow, then use Storyboard Pro. If you plan the project first with a storyboard, you can attach your sound and even do an animatic in Storyboard Pro.

Then, when you export to Harmony, it chops up the sound for you. It’s like magic!