Attributes for getTextAttr and setTextAttr.

Hello ,
first time here so may be I am asking on wrong spot but…
I am trying some scripting. Where or How can I get node’s attribute name?
I found some in other scripts. And attributes for pegs in older topics.
Also some topic about zip file ( some magical pdf (Animate2_ScriptingTemplate_Card.pdf) on a download page witch no more exist. So once again , could please someone point me into right direction?
Also I am using TBAnimatePro3. And Have a nice day.

Hmmm, had the same question - apparently if you open the .xstage file in a text editor (on harmony at least), you can see the attribute names:

[module type="CAMERA" name="ItsATestCamera" pos="-25,-260,1" publishUnderTab="Camera"] [options] [version val="1"/] [/options] [attrs] [offset] [x val="0" defaultValue="0"/] [y val="0" defaultValue="0"/] [z val="12" defaultValue="0"/] [/offset] [pivot] [x val="0" defaultValue="0"/] [y val="0" defaultValue="0"/] [/pivot] [angle val="22" defaultValue="0"/] [overrideSceneFov val="false"/] [fov val="41.112090439166927" defaultValue="41.112000000000002"/] [nearPlane val="0.10000000000000001" defaultValue="1"/] [farPlane val="1000" defaultValue="1000"/] [/attrs] [/module]

but…uh…now I’ve got them, getTextAttr is still returning zero for everything, even though I seem to be able to set some of them…urgh gotta say the documentation leaves a little bit to be desired…

-edit, had to replace all the tags with square brackets because the forum gets confused :slight_smile: