Attaching pegs to follow deformation point

Could someone tell me real simple how I can make a peg follow the point of a deform curve?

Imagine an arm that is bendable with curve deform. In the end of the arm, attached to the last point of the curve deformation, I want a hand that is not bendable.

Can I do it the way I want to, or is there another preferable way to set it up?

best regards
Andreas Paleologos

Hi palegolas

Have recently upgraded to Harmony and are trying to sort out these things myself. Have only been playing around with deformers not really added deformers to a full rigg yet. But thinks that you may find answers to your question in Lilly’s Video of swapping deformers.
Go to 3.40 minutes into the video, Create Kinematic Output to see how to attach an extra module to the deformer.
Hope this is what you are looking for.


Sorry for not following up on this myself. I found after posting and it’s not at all difficult to use and tweak with multiple IK outputs to follow.