Attaching Arm Deformer Chains to Torso to follow movement.


Previous Version of harmony would let me specify a new Kinematic output, assign which body on the torso chain i want that output connected to , and then simply drag a connector in the node view over to the LIMBS Deformation chin and link it , allowing the arm to move with the torso when the deformation of the torso is modified.

However since we updated to Harmony 12 this no long works, Our typical rigging method has been entirely destroyed and w can no longer get the deformers to play nice with one another.

I cant even just link the deformers to one another as they don’t have a green input to do so.

There does not seem to be any tutorials explaining how to do a full turnaround deformer rig that applies to harmony 12’s way of doing things.

We have 12 advanced rigs that now are unusable in this manner and have to be entirely re rigged, just we don’t understand how with harmony 12’s new system for bones.

As you can see from my attached images we have a torso with its own deformer sets as well as Upper arm A and Upper Arm B, Upper Leg A and Upper Leg B, all of which have their own subset of deformes based on each angle ( FRONT, 3Q-L, PROFILE-L, 3Q-R and PROFILE-R).

What i want to do now for one simple example amongst this advanced rig, is to have the upper arms move with the TORSO’s bone that acts as the shoulders. Normally i would add a kinimatic output, make sure the torsos correct bone is linked in, and then use that output to link to each upper arms deformer chain.

However this does not work.

Please Advise!

SOLUTION POSTED I have found a solution for what i needed, so in case anyone else needs the same , they can now refer tot he short visual guide i added as an attachment tot he main post.

Anyone having the issue of trying to attach the limbs of a multiple angle deformer rig to the torso of a character, here is your solution.