attaching a sound file to a peg

hi all -

I’m sure it can be done but for some reason each time I try to attach my sound file to a peg, I get the circle with the line through it … which tells me it isn’t going to happen… what I am trying to do is to create a single peg that will contain all my exposure elements (images, sounds, drawing). My aim is to move the single peg to the library then in a new file, move the single peg from the library to where i want it in the timeline of the new file… what I did was break up my project into three groups so that it would be easier to work on - now that it is done, I want to combine all three back into a single file for exporting… if there is a better way I would appreciate the education… thanks in advance… dan

I’ve just tried and i can’t do it either, so i guess its not possible to be honest.