attach a layer on the camera

Hi everybody, I know this exists because I’ve been told it does but the guy did’nt remember how to :

I want to connect a layer to the camera so when I move my cam, the layer seems to be moving the same way.

Best example is a binoculars shape following the camera move while the point of view of the character moves left/right to observe the horizon.

Hope You’ll anderstand my poor English :confused:

… And bring me the solution to do that trick.

And forget about the first/last frames tools. I use it already. It does work but sometimes it’s a bit complicated to follow the camera move and it’s quite long to set.

Thank you by advance for answering me as fast as possible :slight_smile:

Open a “Layers” window. In this window you will
see a section called “Layer Alignment” with three
icons. The one on the far right is what you need
to select (after selecting the layer you want to pin
to the camera in the section below). If you hover
your mouse over the icons, they will report their

Whaaaaa !!!

I did look everywhere in the soft but there !!

Thanks a lot rkiz

By the way it’s a dropdown menu. No icons.

And I guess “face camera” is for 3D camera (like billboards in 3D softwares) ?

Anyway I’m really grateful to you

layer alignment pin to camera doesn’t work properly- it never has.