atmospheric perspective

I’m animating a long camera truck in through a multiplan background. I’m looking for a way to add atmospheric perspective. So the colours of the layers further from the camera should be lighter (color of the sky) and becoming brighter the closer they get to the camera.

I thought maybe using the “composite-generic” module in combination with the “colour card” module I used for the sky color. I manage to lighten my elements this way, blending them in the sky, but the effect is applied evenly on all layers no matter how far they are from the camera.
I’m new to working with the effects nodes, so maybe I’m looking at the wrong place?

i actually have a lot of trouble with the Focus node. I feel it never works the way i THINK its supposed to. if i set the focus to “mirror” it is supposed to keep whatever is at its “zero point” in focus (which by default is Z with a zero value). however, i find that the elements on that plane are still burred when they should be in focus with everythign else in vary degrees of burriness.

You’re correct and normally that is the way it works.
It may be that you have a focus multiplier or some other
effect may be blurring the scene.

Is it blurry at the focal point (zero Z) in the OpenGL view,
the render view or both. Being an effect it should only
show-up in the render view (or when rendered).

I haven’t used any of the available OpenFX plugins yet.
Check out GenArts Sapphire OFX Plugins:
Maybe, you find something suitable there ?

Here is a preliminary list of OpenFX plugins that should work with Harmony 12:

Genarts Sapphire
Genarts Monsters
Genarts ParticleIllusion
New Blue: Essentials
New Blue: Titler Pro 3
The Foundry KeyLight
The Foundry Furnace
RE:Vision DE:Noise
RE:Vision ReelSmart Motion Blur
RE:Vision Twixtor
RE:Vision RE:Map
RE:Vision RE:Match
Digital Anarchy: Beauty Box
Digital Anarchy: Flicker Free
Motiva RealPerception OFX
Frischluft Flair
Frischluft Lenscare
Color Symmetry

Otherwise, a very simple alternative might be, placing a few drawn planes in the z-direction.
Applying varying degrees of gradients with alpha-channels to it.
The further away your objects the stronger will be the atmospheric haze or aerial perspective…

or try a Blur Node for the Background and sharpen the Background as the Camera moves towards the Background, if you want to change the Colors also use a Hue Saturation Node to change the colors to what you want

Thanks a lot guys! Open FX looks interesting but with a very close deadline (and being a newbie :slight_smile: I’ll go for the drawn planes. Thanks again for the tips.

You could add the focus node which can blur the image the further it is away from the
focal point of the camera.

This can be combined with a colour scale node setting the image (use a separate one
for each group at a different distance from the camera) set to a bluish-grey tone to
simulate what happens to colours when seen through an atmospheric distance.
Alternately you could create a camera function with an expression to adjust the colour values
of the colour scale node based on Z-depth but if you’re new to this type of thing and under
a deadline, it might be faster to set the values manually for now.