Atmospheric Controls & Add-ons

Id like to see some atmospheric controls - like mist, lighting, fog, volume lighting and weather.

Similar to 3d programs like 3ds max, where you can add mist or fog, and lighting that effects objects selected. This would save alot of time. Instead of strokes, you can make an object, get it to glow, and thencentre your light there. The lighting effect effect the rest of the objects depending where they are, creating a more realistic atmosphere.

Or is this asking too much lol

its a good way of making say underwater scenes, where you can ad texture to refract the light. Also as an example, you can add mist and use the blue colour to give it an under water feel.

You can add light and it’ll effect the scene depending where the objects are in the x,y and z axis, adding shadows.

Ooooooh yeah! Nice request!!

I think it’s a cool idea. I’ll pass it on.