ATI Radeon™ HD 5750 GPU and ANIMATE PRO Compatibility

I want to know if the graphics card ATI Radeon ™ HD 5750 GPU (OpenGL 3.2 support) Can I use this graphics card with animate pro?

I used to work with the program Animate Pro 6 am registered user ToonBoom products and have always worked on NVIDIA cards. ToonBoom website reports that can also be used with ATI graphics cards. Is it true?



Hi Ed

The technology we are using is full OpenGL 2.x, the newer technology 3.2 has a backward compatibility mode with previous OpenGL 2.0 (other OpenGL 3.x are totally different story by the way). But I am not 100 % sure it will be fully working with 2.x environemnt without any glitches. Even newer Nvidia cards still uses OpenGL 2.x (ex, GTX 260 uses 2.1) instead of 3.2. Better recommend with Nvidia 9800 or higher however I do not recommend GTX 100 series)

So the new Nvidia line (GTX 480/470) is moving to OpenGL 3.2 according to their website, is ToonBoom planning on staying with 2.1?

My next upgrade was going to be a video card, based on the previous post I was going to go with a Nvidia card, but since they’re going to 3.2 as well not sure what to do…

Any advice?

There should be no problems using any of the newer cards that use OpenGL 3.2. We do use an older version of OpenGL, but the newer cards should work just fine with it. We have noticed that our software runs the best with GeForce series - including the GTX. Generally the reason for this is that NVidia writes very stable drivers for their hardware. There have been reports of occasional problems with driver support for some ATI cards - but in most cases those cards work just fine as well.

The GTX 480/470 should be great. If you do run into any problems, don’t hesitate to email

Toon Boom Support

Maybe off topic, but to me OpenGL is becoming a joke.

This application works with this version, and the new version is backwards compatible Kinda-Sorta, but you’ll hit glitches, so even though all these cards claim to be OPENGL, it’s a crap shoot.

What do I expect from a hardware/software industry that has at least 3 different cable ends called UNIVERSAL serial bus?

It’s actually why I’m becoming reluctant to buy new software, and when I do I tend to try to stay with one company (Autodesk, for example)…I’m tired of building a system and having software vendors basically tell me that I need to have a separate video card for each app.

EDIT: that sounded like a slam of JUST the software companies…I get the hardware and software companies contribute to it…doesn’t make it any less stupid. Give me 15% WORSE performance and products that work on ANY system, rather than this race to tweak and squeeze out more performance at the cost of compatibility/standards.