ATC with e-learning capacity?


just checking if anybody knows any Toon Boom Harmony school with e-learning capacity in english/ spanish / portuguese.

I keep seeing schools as Animation Mentor, Ianimate, Animschool. etc dedicated to the 3D animation market.

I also found a few 2D classical (frame by frame) courses but never found anything similar dedicated to Toon Boom or even cut out animation or paperless.

Of course, we have great tutorials from Toon Boom site, PluralSight (digital tutors), etc but I never found a similar experience as 3D students have regarding e-learning schools.

If anyone can share their thoughts, I will be glad.

Thanks, in advance.

I would be happy if you could help us. I hope my site will be Google accepted and put it ahead so that I can grow and hope that it will come to me.