Assigning shortcuts to Cintique 21UX slider and buttons

Hi,I want to just have all my basic main functions on my Cintique buttons and only the more advanced ones on my keyboard or onscreen navigation. I’m using Storyboard Pro 1.6 (PC ver) and trying to set up shortcuts to my Cintque 21UX and not having much success. I’ve had to do this with other programs like Photoshop, Painter and Sketchbook so I kind of know my way around and how to create new shortcuts via the system prefs and the application prefs. But like I said, it’s just not working the way I want it to just yet with Storyboard Pro. I’d like to have the zoom in zoom out function on the slider as I’m used to that working on other art applications. Currently it only slides the storyboard panels on the bottom screen field (sorry technical SBP name escapes me at the moment.) Also the four buttons available (on either side) I’d like to assign other functions to them but they’re currently not working the way I’d like. For example, a grab and drag function, undo, brush, copy BG to next panel lower opacity, etc., all with a click of a button, but again it wont work, storyboard pro wont recognize the commands I set in the system prefs or in the application prefs. For the moment I have zoom-in set on one button and zoom-out on the other, but it wont get out of it without my having to select another tool, a brush tool for example, on my screen. I need it to release the function once I take my finger off the Cintque button. And also I’m trying to avoid using the keyboard as much as possible for these simple functions. I’ve looked through the forums, help resources, you tube, but this topic doesn’t seen a posted this yet (or just didn’t dig deep enough.) Hope someone can answer this question or point me in the right direction. Thanks!

FOR ZOOM in OUTZoom in is 1Zoom out is 2so…Go to system config (or preferences)Wacom PropertiesSelect: Cintique21UXSelect: FunctionsSelect: Storyboard Pro in applicationsTouchstrip: add 1 and 2 the up or down.Close System Config.Restart Storyboard Pro.Voila!