Assets vanishing from frame partway through a shot.

I have been having a recurring issue, where the assets of one or more layers will vanish from the frame for no apparent reason mid way through a shot. They remain visible in the layer window, but aren’t visible in frame either during playback or while still. As far as I can tell there are no animating effects on the layer, or key frames when this occurs.

I find that when glitches like this happen, it’s because a file wasn’t properly transferred over. Best to get the original file and try again.
ie- copying a file that hasn’t fully uploaded from FTP or Dropbox.

I’m not importing files, I’m drawing directly in the layer with the brush. It generally can be fixed by copying the drawing from the screen and then pasting it onto a blank layer, but after a day’s work, about 1/3 of my shots have layers that go blank inexplicably at some point in the shot so it is going to take me another day just to go through and fix the entire board…

Some other odd characteristics:

If the layers go invisible four frames from the end of the shot (for example), they will always vanish at that point, no matter how long the shot. If I shorten it to before that frame, then they now disappear earlier, four frames before the new end point. If I split the shot before the vanishing frame then the two new shots will both have the layer vanish four frames before their end point.

It sound strange.

Have not seen this happen.

Send a message to support and I hope they can help you or find that bug to fix for an upodate.