Aspect Ratio Unlocking and Export Features

Not sure if this should go in Feature Requests or Troubleshooting:

Version: Harmony Premium 21.1.0

Please note that the “Draw Frame” option is disabled on my crop node for the export to respect it according to documentation

  1. (File > Export > OpenGL Frames) does not respect crop node for both movie and image sequences. However, it does respect image sequences when using (File > Export > Render Write nodes) instead.

  2. (File > Export > Animated GIF) does not respect crop node. Instead, it will black out everything outside of the crop. However, the dimensions will still remain the size of the scene when exported

  3. When there is a crop that doesn’t have a proportional aspect ratio when exporting a video, the video will look stretched due to the built in aspect ratio lock and there is no way to disable it

  4. Option to disable Ctrl lasso shortcut. I sometimes accidentally trigger a lasso select when undoing fast and drawing a stroke. I really resent to having to switch my undo shortcut