Aspect Ratio Issue (please help!!)

I’ve been using Toon Boom Studio for a few years now, but there has always been this one issue I still haven’t been able to figure out.
On all of my animations, there are always really annoying, large black bars on the left and right of the screen. AKA, the aspect ratio.
Because of this unfortunate issue, I am unable to participate in various animation projects or make better quality animations because I can’t get my animation on a full screen aspect ratio. :frowning:
I attached some examples of my problem below…
if anyone could help, i would be very much obliged! I want to continue practicing on my animation skills and I would love to improve the quality. :slight_smile:

I see that you posted this over a year ago, so I am not holding out much hope that anyone is going to help, but I am having the same issue. I have a client who wants her animation to have a square frame instead of the usual landscape format, but every time I think I have it figured out, I end up with the dreaded black bars as well. :frowning: I think a square frame would be very useful.

Are you still using Toon Boom Studio? It doesn’t have an option to configure resolution? Pre-HD you would use NTSC or PAL formats with the old TV 4:3 aspect ratio, which is almost squared but not exactly. If you want a non-standard square ratio you will have to configure it on Scene Settings. In Harmony, you would go to Scene > Scene Settings and custom a resolution based on an existing one. For instance, select HDTV and change the horizontal 1920 resolution to the same as the vertical one, 1080. So your scene would be 1080x1080, a perfect square, still technically HD.

If you’ll edit the animation on an editing software you’ll also have to custom the same resolution, otherwise you’ll end up with black bars.

If you’re working with an animation software that doesn’t allow you to configure the resolution and doesn’t have the format you want (I never used Studio, so I can’t help with specifics) you can always use an editing software with the desired custom square format and simply leave the black bars of your exported files out of the camera/export area. That is, if you can only export 1920x1080 with black bars from the animation software you will still be able to custom a 1080x1080 format on the editing software. Just make sure the area you actually animate fits perfectly so you won’t need to crop or stretch.