Asked to choose what software to open xstage files with after uninstalling trials of Harmony Essentials and Premium

Windows 10, 64 bit

I finally got a license for Harmony 20 Advanced and as such I had no need to have the trials of Essentials and Premium installed on my PC. After uninstalling I booted up Advanced and all the file icons were the standard Windows blank icon. When opening an xstage file from it’s folder I was asked to choose what program to open it with. The files open just fine when selecting the Advanced.exe, but it also boots up a command window. When I try to close the command window it closes Harmony instead.

Things seem to be saving and exporting properly, but I can’t say I’m comfortable with the way it functions at the moment.

I’ve tried rebooting my PC and re-installing Harmony Advanced, but nothing went back to normal.

Edit update: Windows has also asked me to choose other programs to open things with. PNGs and JPEGs got the prompt, but not GIFs. Similar to MP4s but not MOVs