Ask Andy - How to handle a bossy sibling

I’ve done a few “Ask Andy” animations in another animation program starting just starting last year. But this is my first Andy animation done completely in Toon Boom Harmony. Many thanks to all the tutorials supplied by, Lilly. Thanks for your time in making them. They are greatly appreciated.

These Andy animations answer real questions submitted by young people. The replies are not written by me, but i do supply Andy’s voice. The cartoons start out with a silly intro, followed by the question and answer. Questions are displayed as received, spelling errors and all.


Very fun – I like the character/s and animation. :slight_smile:

Great work, Bob, as usual! I see you’ve already moved up to Harmony! Terrific! All the best!

Thanks, JustinM and Zeb.

Zeb, I liked, Animate Pro - but when I saw the new pencil line technology and deformation of Harmony, those two features alone I don’t think I could live without. So before getting too far into Animate Pro and having character templates that don’t take advantage of Harmony’s improved line tech, I decided to upgrade to Harmony. Glad I did.


Same here! I really enjoy the tapered pencil lines and sharp corners and the flexibility of the deformation tools.