Artwork not sowing up

I’m thinking that toon boom does this on purpose so that I have to buy gold support. I save a file, everything is fine, and then I go to open the file and then I can only see my drawings in the timeline, but not in the layers or stage view. I’ve seen some other posts kinda like what I’ve been experiencing but they are from 2018 and have not gotten an answer. Very concerning. I just got the permanent license too.

OS and Storyboard Pro Version/build would help. If you got a Perpetual License I would have at least got Silver Support so you can get software upgrades.

Ya, but for over a thousand dollars, the program should be able to save my artwork. I’m very disappointed. I think I might use blender’s grease pencil instead for free. If I need to pay more money just for basic features to work, then it’s kinda like all the new games. You buy a buggy game just so that you can buy a subscription monthly just to play the game. It needs financially feasible for me. I feel like I got scammed.