Artwork just gone!

Working on our series we had just happily completed the first main head rig, had it showing all the positions for the head rotation including the eyes. Open the exact same file a few hours later, all the eye artwork has randomly been deleted, one or two eyes remain but ALL the artwork for the rest are gone, just poof!

The drawings and labeled drawing substitutions are all there but the artwork in those drawings deleted. This sets us back 2 full work days. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Could you retrieve your artwork?

If we cant rely on harmony to keep our artwork, just randomly deleting anything we do, then we cant build pre made rigs for animation.

desperately need a solution.

The same thing happened to us but it was for a full week of work! The timeline is there but it appears that every frame is empty. The color palette is gone too. I did a select all in a sample frame thinking that the lines were just invisible but that does not seem to be the case. There is no change in the computer clock/time. We are using the latest mac pro.

Anyones input is welcome. Thanks!

You should contact support for this to see if your project can be recovered.
Often it is something being done that casues this such as using “save as” to save in the project folder itself or working on a slow type of drive.

Spoke with support and they were very helpful (thanks toonboom!) The issue was that the opening harmony dialogue box was linking to a earlier duplicate file of the same name. Harmony overall is working great!

check your computer time,please.
if the computer time was manually modified, it is random to loss of artwork!

If you manually modified the computer time, not earlier than the time when you install Harmony12!

I’m pretty sure that’s the reason!


yeah I can’t say I’ve ever had the artwork generated inside of harmony “disappear” on me. make sure you didn’t like un-expose the artwork on all your layers or something.

if we were talking about Flash I could see that…I’ve seen entirely timelines, mine own included at least once, just wiped out for no reason.