Artwork Disappears upon applying Interpolation

So I’ve made a simple head rig testing out deformers and master-controllers, all seems to be working fine but I’m not much of a fan of smooth tweening; selected my keyframes, pressed the “Create Keyframes On” button above the timeline, set the interpolation to 2, and once I press OK I receive a pop-up claiming “The 3D paths selected might change outside of the selected range due to the nature of the interpolation” and some of my artwork disappears. Now I’m assuming they’re still present because I can see a preview of the missing artwork in the node view, it’s just upon setting my interpolation some of the layers likely receded to the back messing up the order in which things should be visible, but I’m wondering if perhaps there was some crucial step I missed in interpolating them or if there was some way to keep my artwork from disappearing while still maintaining my 2 frame interpolation.

Good day! I know this is an old post but I also have the same problem, were you able to find a fix for this or find out the reason why?