artifacts in openGL mode

when working in openGL view, i am getting artifacts all over the screen, elements of the character(s) i am working with. this doesn’t occur when rendered out or in the render view, but still makes it troublesome to work in openGL mode. issue persists in perspective view, as if the artifacts were actual drawing elements that follow the perspective movement. if i disable the big, white base drawing layer (a white rectangle), the artifacts go away, though hiding any or all of the character layers doesn’t make a difference. here are 2 example images showing the issue:

artifacts visible in openGL view:

same project, in render view:

as you can see, there are components of the characters (arm parts, a shoe, collar, necktie, etc.) strewn about the screen, within the area where the white bg layer is present. while this would make beautiful wrapping paper, it’s not so great to build my project with :slight_smile: note that this is some sort of display glitch – the characters parts are all in-place and behaving as i expect them to – in other words, i cannot select or alter these artifacts, they are just being drawn to the screen, in some sort of pattern.

each character is a group with its own sub-network, and the root of the project has them all pooled to a bitmap composite node, then on to the display and write nodes.

i’m working w/ animate pro 2, service pack 1 installed.
mac pro, os 10.5.8, 10gb ram, ati radeon 4870 (512mb vram, a pretty good video card that i have no troubles with).

project: 1280x720, currently everything on the same plane (no multi-plane yet)

current openGL settings (let me know if you need more):
- real time AA enabled – 2 – 128
- full scene AA enabled – 0

If you haven’t already, it’s worth enabling/disabling various OpenGL settings to see if any of them are responsible for the artifacts on your system. Mine also had artifacts, which were remedied by disabling triple-buffer support.

Wow - there’s one I’ve never seen before!

If it’s an OpenGL issue it’s usually related to your graphics card.

I wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that you have both types of Antialiasing on? Usually you would do either Real-Time antialiasing (software antialiasing) or full-scene antialiasing (using your graphics card).

Try disabling one or both antialiasing types to see if that solves your issue. I’d recomment leaving real-time antialiasing off and just have Full-Scene antialiasing on, probably with a value of 4 for Mac.

Of course after adjusting these settings you’ll need to restart the app before you see a result.

Also try to click on Alternate Gradient and Cutter and see if that helps.